Suggestions and Complaints


Our Complaints and Suggestions form allows you the opportunity to express your concerns regarding any area of your service, that you feel is not meeting your needs and requirements. It may be something that you might consider trivial but is causing you some concern, as a provider of quality Homecare provision we want to know about it. We do not wish you to look upon the complaint procedure as just a formal investigation but as a positive means of improving our service.

We have endeavoured to make this process as simple as possible. Our form only requires your personal details and the nature of your complaint.

Once we have received notification that you wish to complain, a record of the date and time of your complaint will be kept within our office. A complaint form will be posted out first class to you within 24 hours of us receiving the complaint (48 hours if we receive your complaint over a weekend or a bank holiday). Once we have received the form back from you we will then investigate the complaint in depth and send you a detailed report of the result of our findings. This part of the process will be completed within 7 days of your complaint form being received. Should we find that the process is taking longer than the specified 7 days we will notify you in writing.

Once we have established the nature of the complaint and have investigated it in full, we shall attempt to rectify or improve the situation, giving you a specific explanation and an understanding of the timescale involved.

Forms are available from the office on request, and for those who recieve a service one will be contained within your folder in your home.

You also have the option to complain to SCSWIS directly, you may have known the organisation better as the Care Inspectorate you can contact them at: 1st Floor Rivergate House, Rivergate, Irvine, KA12 8EH, Tel: 01294 323920

All details are supplied within our complaints policy which will be given to you at the start of your service. Where a person cannot complain for themselves and who has no one to complain for them then we would actively encourage the use of the Advocacy Service (details of which are also given within your Welcome Folder at the start of your service].

You will also find links to your local Advocacy service on our links page on the main page of our website.

We don’t like if you are unhappy it makes us sad, and we really do want to hear from you so we can make you smile again. We will always respond and resolve the problem no matter how big or small.


We have an Open Door Policy, and genuinely welcome suggestions, comments and ways to improve what we do. The more people tell us, the better the service we can provide.

All our staff are happy to receive these in any format, by phone, letter, face to face whatever is easiest for you.

During our social lunches where there is a relaxed atmosphere people and employees come up with some pretty innovative ideas. We enjoy to hear the ideas and are reminded how much everyone thinks about their job/service and how we are all’ in it together’.

Talk to us, our staff love to blether and will be happy to hear from you.

Download Comments and Suggestions leaflet or simply email us.